BANDA ACEH (16/2/2011) – About 129 Rohingya refugees from Myanmar, are staying in Aceh after being rescued by fishermen from the sea a week previously, after their ship had an engine failure on the way to Australia.The Rohingyas are a Muslim minority from Rakhine State in the west of predominantly Buddhist Myanmar. Human Rights groups say they suffer much abuse and are denied free movement, education and employment by the military junta. (Alaidin Ikrami)

Published Link :​esia/berita_indonesia/2011​/02/110216_rohingyamen.sht​ml

Rohingya's Was Examined Health. (Alaidin Ikrami)

Rohingya Muslims in prayer after the Friday prayers in the temporary shelters (Alaidin Ikrami)

Face Of Rohingya Refugees From Myanmar. (Alaidin Ikrami)


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